Mindful Living – 6 Practical Examples of how to live mindfully

Mindful Living

Mindful living is a way of life.  In essence, this is the informal practice of mindfulness. 

Through mindful living, we can bring in mindfulness in any, or let’s say most of our daily activities. Of course, in the beginning it might seem difficult or rather impossible. But, like anything else, with practice we will understand the idea of mindful living.  And, it will become the new habit, the new way of life. 

The best way to explain and guide you on how to live mindfully is through some examples. So, in this article, I share some examples on we can include mindfulness in our daily life: 

1. Awareness of breath

Intentionally, spend a few minutes focusing on your breath. Take deep breathes, in and out, and focus on the moment on your tummy, maybe put your hands on your tummy. Allow your tummy to become a balloon. Whilst you are breathing in, feel your tummy expanding out like a balloon; and whilst you are breathing out, feel your tummy deflating and shrinking like a balloon. Do this for a few breathes. How do you feel now?

2. 1 Minute Breathing Awareness Exercise

You can practise this 1 minute breathing exercise at anytime of the day. Follow exercise here 

3. Mindful Living through a walk

Walking can be a great practice of mindful living.

As you walk use all your senses, pay attention to what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, the sensation of the air / heat on your skin. Maybe you can also taste the air?

And how about your feet stepping on the ground beneath you; are there any particular sensations you can observe?

Can you see the different colours around you, maybe the different flowers especially if it is spring time?

And, maybe you can also smell these flower, or the grass, or even the air? Just be observant, and if you do, you will notice new things that you have never seen before. Even, if you have taken the same walk many times before!

4. Mindful living with our children

If you have a little child, observe him / her whilst playing! I love doing this myself, it really brings me to the present moment and fascinates me.

It is fascinating to notice how present and involved my daughter is in her activities. It is also an opportunity  to notice how she is developing. This, also makes me happy and thankful!

Observe and watch the movements of child’s body, the sounds your child is making. Is he /she excited?  maybe involved, or frustrated or becoming anxious with the activity? Notice how their emotions change during the activity.

Just notice and if you feel you need to intervene, see if you can resist that impulse / urge (unless it is necessary;  child is in a dangerous situation).

How do you feel afterwards?

5. Mindful listening - Pay attention to what someone is saying!

If you are having a conversation with someone, make sure you are paying attention to what they are saying.

Involve your mindful ears, be present and listen. Try to focus on paying attention listening fully and taking in all that they are saying.  Try not to think what are you going to say next. Or. what you need to do after the conversation!

This is a great way to build a positive relationship.  And, if you are a networker a must! Mindful listening is essential in networking. 

6. Mindful living through a cuppa

Have a mindful cup of coffee or tea!

After you make the cup of tea (hopefully mindfully too), notice the sensation of the warm cup as you hold it in between your both hands. You may close your eyes.

Bring the cup to your lips and observe the movement of your arm to reach your lips. Take a sip, resist gulping it down. Maybe you can swirl the tea around your mouth with your tongue. How does the warmth feel inside your mouth? What is your tongue tasting, maybe sweetness, maybe bitterness?

If thoughts start passing through your mind (maybe tea is too strong or too weak) , let them flow in and out without getting lost in them.

Try to focus on the tasting without a desire to rush, and without giving in to the impatience if any arises. When you decide to swallow, notice if it was through impatience or was it through a conscious choice.

Try to stay present to the swallowing, the movement of the throat and the liquid going down. Notice any sensations. You can continue to repeat with more sips.

After the exercise, notice how you feel. Any feelings of irritation, feelings of peace, calmness? It does not really matter and do not judge yourself. It is about bringing awareness. 

My advise to the practice of Mindful Living

If you are new to mindful living,  I would recommend that you start by choosing one activity.  Start practising on a daily basis.

Choose one, write it down, or put a reminder on your phone, or put a sticky note on the bedside or fridge. Make it fun, an enjoyable experience.

This is a way of becoming present to the moment, without any judgement to yourself.

Through mindful living, you are bringing more self awareness and self understanding. It is a moment of self care. You are reclaiming your life, your happiness and restoring your own balance. 

I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear which activity have you chosen to start practising mindful living as a way of life. It makes me happy. I am also happy to guide you further through my 30 minute complimentary call. 

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