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10 Tips for a Happier Life Everyday

Did you know that 20th March is recognised by the UN as International Day of Happiness!
I wonder why!
Whilst we cannot feel the happiness all the time and its absolutely unrealistic and false to expect this all the time, many of us do have a tendency to create a lot of unnecessary unhappiness!

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Life Balance

Fall Holistic Day – Practices to ‘Reset Your Life’

Learning Practices to Reset Your Life was the main intention of the Fall Holistic Day that Dora Nemes and myself facilitated together. We are both very grateful and happy for the day we have spent together facilitating different practices to support participants on their journey of life.

By the end of the day all participants left feeling re-centred, renewed and renergised.

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Autumn Equinox Celebration with Chakradance

I am totally and utterly grateful for the coming together to celebrate the Autumn Equinox with Chakradance.

We all came in this circle for the same collective reason to dance and celebrate this time of the year, to honour the season, the harvest and change in cycles. But some of us also came to honour their own transition, change in cycle and new beginnings.

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Empowerment Coaching

‘El Camino’ and Equinox – It’s all about BALANCE

Recently, I came across a facebook memory, yes one of those! It was a memory that took me back 10 years ago, to a healing and transformational time of my life. It took me to the ‘Camino de Santiago’ that I walked during the Autumn Equinox. Looking back, I was on a journey to restore balance in my life as I took time out to be with myself.Restoring balance was essential in reclaiming my happiness and following my purpose.

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Empowerment Coaching

Paragliding – An out of comfort zone experience

Last weekend was a beach weekend intended for relaxation and chilling out, but it was also one that took me out of my comfort zone for a little moment.

My out of comfort experience with paragliding inspired me to share the importance of getting out of our comfort zone to grow and maximise our potential.

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Solstice Celebration with Chakradance – June 2021

What a beautiful solstice celebration with chakradance we have experienced! We had the perfect setting on one of the most ancient sites on Aphrodite’s routes in Cyprus with a beautiful powerful energy. We had the right amount of sunshine on our skin to keep us connected to the powerful solar energy that fuels our own inner sun, inner light! And towards the end, we were gifted by a beautiful moon to keep the masculine and feminine energies in balance!

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