ReClaim Your Happiness!

You are here, so probably the modern, complex, busy life is leaving you feeling:

• Stressed out and overwhelmed?

• Stuck in an empty state of unhappiness?

• You cannot cope with life so you feel out of balance mentally and emotionally?

• Confused about life?




I share 5 strategies to help you unlock your purpose and transform your life to the one you are meant to live. You will start loving your life now whilst becoming self aware and reclaiming happiness. 

Stress, overwhelm, and all that comes with it can be a thing of the past.

You can be FREE from stress and overwhelm. You can reclaim your HAPPINESS.

I can help you achieve this by:

• Helping you to understand your needs for a balanced life and what you really want for a Happy You

•Teach you personalised tools that EMPOWER YOU so that you can free yourself from stress and overwhelm

• Support you with an honest journey that nurtures you and challenges you to transform your life to one of meaning, purpose and happiness

Empower yourself now with personalised tools and resources so you can be FREE from stress and overwhelm. Restore your balance and ReClaim your happiness.

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Restoring Balance

Hi I'm Catherine

I am an Empowerment Coach, Mindfulness teacher and also a modern busy woman (and a mum).

I am dedicated to supporting modern busy people  who are stressed out, overwhelmed and confused with life by empowering them with tools and resources that help them in restoring  balance, reclaim  happiness and live a meaningful life.  

I used to be stressed out and unhappy until I freed myself. I suffered from an eating disorder.  I healed myself. I restored my balance and reclaimed my happiness. I now live with purpose. 


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Search Engine Optimisation Expert

See what Elena has to say; how working with me mainly with mindfulness has helped her change her life through self awareness, self care practices and non judgement. Mindfulness has helped her restore her balance after periods of stress and exhaustion. 

Video Marketing Specialist

See what Des has to say; how working with me mainly with ‘mindfulness’ has helped her  become more self aware, identity the real stressors in her life and most importantly be empowered with tools and resources to help her achieve freedom from stress and meet her goals.

Social Worker, Mum of 2 young children

See what Enas has to say; how working with me has helped her to become more self aware, find comfort and most importantly be empowered with tools and resources to help her feel more energetic and face the hard times she was going through. She also found the mindfulness for children courses empowering for her children and also herself as a mum.

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